Height5'6" Bust30" Chest30" Waist27.5" Inseam30.5" Sleeve22.5" Suit33.5" Suit LengthS Hips30" Dress4 US Shoe9.5 US Shoe7.5 US Size166cm HairBlack EyesBrown
He/Him/His They/Them/Theirs
Hao Chun Chang is an illustration-focused artist and model. Their work focuses on the fluid marriage between masculinity and femininity and their intersectional identities. Interested in dissecting and transcending boundaries of societal norms, they are always looking to explore new ways to visually interpret novel concepts that challenge the binary. Growing up in multiple Asian countries before coming to NY, Hao Chun deeply cherishes and values diversity, open-mindedness, and radical empathy. Having worked in fashion, illustration, design, and activism, they are flexible and adaptable to unprecedented experiences and hope to expand their platform to uplift those who are marginalized and othered.