In my middle school yearbook, a kid in my homeroom scratched out my face and wrote "tree trunk thighs" next to my photo. I was horrified.

Through years of body shame and self-loathing, I've finally found a confident voice within myself. I've adopted a "Screw what the haters say" kind of attitude when it comes to my body. You should, too. Here's why.

I have had stretch marks since my teen years. I have thighs made of marshmallow and sugar. I have cellulite (thigh dimples!). When I do jumping jacks my, booty continues to jump even after I've stopped. I've never had what the fashion and beauty industries define as a "perfect" body. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I've suffered my share of "fat shaming" from many, including family.

At 5 ft 10 inches, 203 lbs and a size 14, I've experienced the joy of having a baby. I lost close to 100 lbs postpartum. I am a mother and I am considered a "plus-size model."

My "hater's gonna hate" attitude towards my body is liberating. Accepting my body fills my life with so much joy. I love being a model with curves. I'm not weighted down by my weight. I refuse to walk any longer with my head down and a massive T-shirt over my swimsuit.

I'VE GOT CURVES DAMN IT! I don't care if they're not smooth, tight, and muscular curves. We all have our insecurities. No mater what type of body you have: thin, thick, curvy, hard, athletic, whatever. Life is about acceptance and being able to look past the BS and to love yourself for being the best you can be today.

It's a constant process and one that I am forever working on, but I'm working on it. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna let anyone tell me what the "best me" is supposed to look like.

Today, body positivity wins. And it's time everyone loved their bodies.


Taylor Edwards