Height6'2" Chest48" Waist44" Inseam32" Collar18" Sleeve26" Suit44" Suit LengthL Shoe13 US TopXXL BottomXXL HairRed EyesHazel
Growing up in a small Ohio town while being red-haired and “different” from my family and peers, I had to learn to overcome adversity at an early age. Luckily, those unwelcome afflictions inadvertently bolstered me, setting me on a path of emancipation. I now live in New York, and as a red-haired, queer, gay, demisexual, plus-sized man who’s resolutely fighting fibromyalgia every day, I am so privileged to have any opportunity or platform that allows me the chance to represent the LGBTQ+, disabled, and plus-sized communities.