About We Speak

Letter from the Founder

I came to New York to be a model, and in less than two weeks I lost nearly two dress sizes. I was applauded and encouraged to tell other models my secret. There was no secret. For months I was overworked and barely ate. At a size 2, my biggest insecurity— my thighs — were called too doughy. After living off savings for six months, I still hadn’t received payment for the work I had done. 

My story echos the stories of many models in the industry. So, in 2013, I started We Speak Model Management. 

Starting from scratch wasn’t easy. I began with basic industry knowledge. I had no real contacts and one goal: I wanted to entirely uproot the fashion industry norm. At first, I faced a lot of rejection from the industry but the models joining the We Speak mission were just so excited, they kept me going through the rough spots. Today, We Speak Model Management is a top contender in an ever-changing market. 

Throughout the years, despite early opposition and rejection, We Speak never strayed from its mission. We Speak tackles beauty standards, combats tokenism, and opens important conversations with brands about how to push the industry further into this new era of advertising, marketing and promotion. We Speak champions diversity, protects models and supports healthy lifestyles. Models are paid on time and they’re not charged mysterious fees.

Despite pressures to change or alter the way I do business, I’ve never been happy conforming or breaking my values to be a top agency. That’s why We Speak is making it's own new “top” alongside a new community of models, brands, and like-minded people. 

While I worked years to grow this agency, it couldn’t have been possible without people like you. Thank you for helping make a better space in fashion! 

Pride Directory

Here you will find We Speak clients who #hirehealthymodels! Supporting these brands sends a clear message - you want to see more We Speak models in advertising.

More About Us

What is We Speak?

We Speak is a model agency that represents health-conscious, drug-free models. We Speak emphasizes progressive body ideals and our clients are forward-minded brands that aim to resonate with their target market.

What makes We Speak different?

We Speak is supportive of models and encourages healthy physical, social and mental lives. We Speak models each complete a health assessment filled by their physicians and we pride ourselves in healthy open dialogues with all our team. We Speak nourishes a positive, family-like environment. 

Are We Speak a plus-size agency?

We Speak clients are much less focused on size than they are on look and attitude of a model. Your image matters and you aim to always create relatable brand imagery. We Speak represents models of many sizes, however, it is not a plus-size agency. We Speak doesn’t consider models over a certain size to be “plus-size.” Healthy lifestyles come in all shapes and sizes.

Why is working with We Speak better?

We Speak offers secured bookings upon request so as a client, or a model, you don’t have to worry about cancellations. We Speak has seen models in the industry not getting paid because of delayed payments and being pulled from smaller jobs for bigger projects. We think that is bad business. Secured bookings are paid up-front to secure the model and eliminate cancellations. 

What are some ways we can make shoot environments healthier for models?

Planning a big project can be hard. There are so many moving components, it can be hard to remember everyone on set also needs to be taken care of. A rule of thumb is to always have food and water on set for the team, especially when it is a full day. Provide a private dressing area. Keep the tone body-positive, the work environment safe, and allow plenty of rest periods on full days. If you are not in a temperature-controlled space, it’s in everyone’s interest to keep the model(s) warm or cool.

What are your rates?

We Speak rates vary from model to model, job to job. When requesting a model, either state your budget to see what models are available within that bracket, or provide full job details and we will provide a quote. The higher the usage the job requires and the more in-demand the model, the higher the rate. Contact us here to request a model package and quote.

How do I hire a We Speak Model?

Simply contact We Speak here with full job details (casting details, budget, date, hours needed, usage, etc). Include what type of model you’re looking for.

How do I request a Model Package?

Contact We Speak here. Include full job details and the type of model you’re looking for. To receive a model selection for the job in a timely manner, don’t forget to include specific details.

Do I have to sign an agreement with We Speak to book a model?

Yes. We Speak needs to file your billing information and you must agree to the booking terms. You may review them here.