Height5'6" Bust38" C Waist33" Hips45" Dress12 US Shoe7 US TopM BottomXL HairBrunette EyesHazel
Yassa is a Syrian/Armenian illustrator, model and activist who was born in the USSR. Yasmin's work is heavily influenced by the western pop culture juxtaposed with their traditional upbringing within an immigrant family.Their work challenges conventional gender and sexuality norms as well as cultural systems. Their mission is Liberation for all the queer and trans folks across all communities ; focusing on SWANA queers. Our liberation lies in our stories & self expression is the tool. They went to jail and rehab , the black sheep of not only their family but their community. YASSA considers this a blessing in disguise. YASSA is now living their best, most intentional life centered in self expression and living their truth.Their current passion are tarot card design, making furniture, home goods and centering their mental health!