Become A Model Why We Speak Model Management? What does it mean to take a non-traditional model management approach?

Supporting those that need to be seen

Our models show up as their true selves and have the willingness to represent that self in front of the camera. They deserve to be supported in environ-ments working to undo tokenism.

Empowerment and improvement through education

From client deal memos, to monthly email blasts, to website resources, to model info sessions, we empower the people we work with by sharing in-formation curated by our unique perspective.


A founding We Speak value is to listen. By keeping an open mind and an open ear with our models, brands, and the wider public, we are at the forefront of industry-wide improvements.

Taking a firm stance

Fear and scarcity often fuels our industry. By thriving outside of the scarcity model and being fearless and firm in our values, We Speak fosters abundance.

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No mystery fees. When WS is paid, you get paid. WS nurtures trust and respect. We work with brands that care and we offer flexible contract options.

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