Model FAQ

How do models benefit from signing with We Speak?

We Speak nourishes a positive, healthy, family-like environment for its models. Models are paid promptly and protected. Any commission cuts from model pay are extremely minimal. There is little to no cost in getting started. There are never mysterious fees. We Speak encourages friendly, fair treatment of models on every set and open communication.

Is We Speak a Mother Agency?

In early 2021, We Speak shifted from being a non-exclusive model management company, getting our models work in the NYC area, to being a primarily exclusive mother agency—still focused on getting our models work in the NYC area while also helping them expand to further markets. We don’t operate in the same way as a traditional model management company and We Speak is rapidly expanding. For more details on how we work and information about our contract, we are more than happy to discuss in depth details about the relationship should you be offered a contract.

Does We Speak take commission?

We Speak believes a model’s earnings are their own. Any commission cuts We Speak charges are extremely minimal and much less than what is standard.. We Speak primarily takes only an agency fee charged to the client. Additional details may be discussed in person should you be offered a meeting.

I don’t live in New York. Can I still become a model with We Speak?

We Speak currently signs models in the immediate NYC area. Very few submissions are accepted from other US cities.

What type of model does We Speak look for?

The We Speak model has an authentic lifestyle and is forward thinking. We Speak seeks interesting people of all backgrounds regardless of size, background, or gender identity. We Speak especially seeks to represent models with attributes and features not already portrayed in the model board. If you feel you have something no one else on the board has, you may be a good fit. Apply here.

Does We Speak have a height, age, or size requirements?

There are no height or size requirements. All models must be 18 years or older. 

Does We Speak host open calls?

We take online submissions only. 

Do you represent male models?

As of Fall 2019, We Speak represents ALL genders.

Are there any model fees associated with We Speak?

There can be a few expenses for any model just starting out. Models are responsible for supplying comp cards and a physical/ electronic portfolio book for castings. We Speak values transparency. Models are made aware of any expenses and they are often optional. We Speak keeps expenses at bay whenever possible.